General Business and Transportation Guidelines of the Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH

As of: August 2010

Customers may book transportation with Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH verbally, in writing, by telephone, FAX and by email at ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) The customer (person who placed the order) will be sent a Travel Voucher which will be deemed as valid even without the signature of the Customer and serves as the Transportation Contract. The basis for this contract are the general business and transport conditions (AGB's). Liability, safety, transportation in accordance with the Travel Voucher, and other rental contracts are subject to regulations set forth by the Law Governing the Transportation of Humans (Personenbeförderungsgesetz) and take effect via the selected service provider or providers. Transport may take place with up to eight (8) passengers/customers. The Customer agrees to these general business and transport conditions unconditionally.

Upon receipt of the Travel Voucher, the Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the Customer to Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH. If discrepancies or errors preferably in the transmission of information are discovered, the Customer must contact the Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH office by Fax or Telephone immediately. This applies especially to deviations regarding the return flight information that become apparent only upon arrival at one's destination. The Customer is obligated to communicate such deviations by FAX or Phone within 24 hours to Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH.

On the day prior to pick-up--within the serviced area of Zugspitzland to the Airport--the designated driver will contact the Customer by phone preferably between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. in order to confirm the precise pick-up time on the following day (Transfer Plus). The pick-up time for Individual Transfer based on the request of the person, who did place the order (Customer). This time has to be at least 4 hour prior to departure. Otherwise there will not be Guarantee to reach the airport in time. Unusual weather and traffic conditions needs to be discussed between ASZ and the Customer . Changes to the time, location or day of pickup by the Customer will be regarded as an annulment of the original contractual agreement and requires new booking for travel arrangements. Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH must confirm these changes to the Customer. The Reservation of Individual Transfer is considered void if payment for all travel arrangements are not deposited in Airport-Shuttle Zugspitz's (ASZ) bank account a minimum of five (5) days prior to departure (payment: transfer). Short-notice bookings under ten (10) days must be discussed directly with ASZ. Under certain circumstances, if an advance payment is made as surety, a short-notice Transportation Agreement may be created. At the time of pick-up at the Customer's residence or at agreed-upon pick up points, the driver, in order to stay on schedule, cannot wait longer than five (5) minutes (Transfer Plus). Arrival time at the Airport is determined primarily by the Customer (Individual Transfer). Pick-up time in Transfer Plus sequence will be solely determined by the service provider.

Transportation begins curb-side. This means that the driver will not drive onto private property. Luggage must be curb-side, ready to be loaded. Pick-up time is considered to be the departure time. Handicapped people and there accompanying person please discuss with ASZ office. (transport of wheel chair) The transportation of properly caged pets must be cleared with Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH in advance. The cost of transporting a pet depends on the size of the cage and pet.

The Customer validates his/her right to board the transport shuttle by presenting his/her paid-in-full Travel Voucher to the driver prior to travel. A Transportation Agreement for Individual Transfer exists only if the Travel Voucher has been paid. Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH obligates itself to honour its contracts and to deliver its services in a dependable and punctual manner. Should unforeseen circumstances (Accidents, traffic jams, Nature) prevent a Customer from meeting his/her flight; the Customer can not hold the transportation company liable and can not seek remuneration from said company.

Each passenger is entitled to bring one (Individual Transfer = two, each 20 kg weight) suitcase (approx. 1.0 m x 0.80 m x 0.30 m, max. weight 20kg) and one carry-on bag, as set forth by the Airline & Airline Charter Regulations, free of charge. Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH must be notified of additional or bulky baggage in advance. Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH reserves the right to deny the transport of such luggage. The transportation of such baggage depends upon the availability of space on any given Shuttle and will incur additional financial charges. This applies in particular to the transportation of pets, which must be properly caged. In the event that the Customer did not inform Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH of additional or bulky luggage or pets, the driver of the shuttle can deny services. Eating, drinking or smoking during the drive is not permitted.

Pick-up time at the Airport is deemed to be the expected arrival time of the Customer's airplane. A wait-time of thirty (30) minutes for luggage retrieval is not considered wait-time with regards to fees. Thereafter, the driver can wait no more than sixty (60) minutes so long as this does not interfere with the driver's requirement to fulfil an obligation to a follow-on contract. The Customer of Transfer Plus is aware that he/she may be required to wait on fellow (late) Customers if he/she wishes to travel aboard the shuttle. Based upon this, user of Individual Transfer may agree to longer waiting periods. The Customer must inform the office of Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH by phone or by speaking directly with the driver. In both cases, an additional surcharge of € 10.00 per started 30 minute interval will be charged. Payment, based on the Honour System, must be made on-the-spot to the driver.

Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH has no influence over Airlines' ability to meet timetables. In the event of lengthy delays in arrival times, the Customer relinquishes the claim to be transported and to be refunded transportation fees. Arriving Customers are normally met at their gate of disembarkation by the driver who will be holding an AIRPORT – SHUTTLE ZUGSPITZLAND sign. In the event that contact is not made, the Customer must:

Go to the Info-Stand located on the upper floor at GATE C in Terminal 1 of the Munich Airport, or
Go to the Info-Stand located at the exit of the Customs Area in Terminal 2

to wait for the driver. If the missing Customer does not report within ten (10) minutes after being paged twice over the Airport's intercom system, the Customer cedes his/her right to being transported. If the Customer chooses not to avail him- or herself of the provided transportation, the Customer also cedes his/her right to a refund. In the event of an early (flight) arrival, there is only a limited ability to adjust the pick-up time. Therefore, if the Customer is not met by the driver and decides to hire another means of transport, the Customer can not bill Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH for the costs incurred. The agreed arrival time of the Customer's flight is binding.


Cancellations made seven (7) days-or fewer-prior to departure will incur a twenty-five percent (25%) cancellation fee. Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH reserves the right to keep 100% of fees for cancellations made within twenty-four (24) hours. In the event of a refund, it is the Customer's responsibility to prove that Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH suffered less monetary damages than the indicated percentages above.

Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH, as a conscientious service provider [ordentlicher Kaufmann], is responsible for the preparation, organization and execution of transportation services agreed upon by the Customer and Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH. As mandated by the German law, insurance claims are covered by the service provider's liability insurance. If the liability insurance is not held liable for damages, the Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland's liability for damages cannot exceed three times (3x) the total amount of the agreed-upon transportation costs and this only in cases of gross negligence. However, this also holds true if the service provider fails to fulfil its contractual obligations or violates a core requirement of the Contract. It is the Customer's responsibility to report any such deficiencies to Airport - Shuttle Zugspitzland GmbH immediately.

Invalidation Clause

( Salvatorische Klausel)

Should an aforementioned clause be--or become--invalid, the Contract itself retains its validity and is still in effect. In place of an invalid clause, German law takes precedence.

Court of Jurisdiction is Garmisch - Partenkirchen